President William Ruto on Thursday toiled to defend himself against heaping ridicule over his recent state visit to the United States which was dispensed with such largesse....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

This comes as Ruto jetted out of the country aboard a chartered Boeing 737-700 said to be operated by the Royal Jet of Dubai. The trip (Nairobi-Atlanta-Washington D.C) on the luxury jet had been reported to have cost taxpayers around Ksh.98 million and a round trip could have potentially surpassed the Ksh.200 million mark.

During a national prayer breakfast held at Safari Park in Nairobi, Ruto delved into a scattered defence of his travel expenses asserting that he is a frugal leader and cannot afford to expend the public purse.

Ruto confidently stated that he only spent Ksh.10 million to charter the luxurious jet, a price he says was even a bargain from his initial offer of Ksh.20 million to his Arabian “friends”.

“I am a very responsible steward believe you me. There is no way I can spend Ksh.200 million in fact it cost the republic of Kenya less than Ksh.10 million because I am not a madman,” noted Ruto.

“When I was told the cheapest plan was Ksh.70 million I told my office, go and book Kenya Airways so when some friends of mine heard that I was going to travel Kenya Airways, and I have built a big reputation as a country, some friends told me how much are you willing to pay? I said I’m not willing to spend more than Ksh.20 million they said bring Ksh.10 million we give you the plane.”

The Head of State further maintained that he is willing to lead by example in ensuring that the nation lives within its means.

“Look at me Kenyans, look at me again. I must lead from the front as I tell others to tighten up their belt mine must be where to begin. So relax and the debate must end because I am that responsible and it is going to be that way,” Ruto added.

“My plan is that in 3 years we must have a balanced budget.”

Upon returning to Kenya on May 25 from the week-long trip, Ruto attempted to clear the air

on his travel expenses, saying the private jet was cheaper than Kenya’s national courier – Kenya Airways (KQ).

“Fellow Kenyans, I have noted concerns on my mode of transport to USA. As a responsible steward of public resources and in keeping with my determination for us to live within our means and that I should lead from the front in so doing, the cost was less than travelling on KQ,” Ruto said in a tweet on May 26….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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