A Chartered Accountant, Deaconess Akinbola Anthonia has shared her 25-year journey of grappling with infertility until she finally gave birth to her own child. She stated that throughout her pregnancy stage, none of her husband’s family members saw her, as she consistently avoided attending family functions by giving various excuses....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

She disclosed that she and her husband decided to withdraw from public view being inspired by the biblical story of Elizabeth who kept her pregnancy private.

She alleged that the secrecy extended even to her immediate family, with her mother only being informed a few months before the due date. According to her, this level of discretion led to widespread disbelief when they finally announced the birth, as many people found it hard to accept that she had indeed had a child.

He said in an interview with Punch, ”When I got pregnant, I kept on thinking if it was time or what was going to happen. So the first thing we did was we dedicated to withdraw ourselves from the public. The Bible says ‘Elizabeth hid for at least some time when she discovered that she was pregnant.” So we his ourselves for some time.

None of my husband’s family members saw me while I was pregnant, even when they had functions. I would just give an excuse and not show up at their functions. I did this almost throughout the nine months of pregnancy.

I only told even my mother a few months before my delivery that I was pregnant. Even when I had my baby, a lot of people said they didn’t believe that I had a child….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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