A man was stabbed and killed during a clash between groups in UDA grassroots elections in Kayole, Nairobi....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Police said they are holding two suspects in connection with the stabbing of the man aged about 40.

The victim was rushed to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital on Saturday night with stab wounds on the right side of the chest.

Officials at the hospital said he was bleeding and died on arrival at the facility.

Those who took him to the hospital said he was stabbed after an argument as a result of political differences during UDA grassroots elections at Rasta Stage.

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Police said they are investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, a man is suspected to have been electrocuted as he escaped from a robbery scene in Kayole, Nairobi.

The deceased was identified as Ethan Kago, 23.

He is said to have been using a tunnel in the area to allegedly escape from a robbery scene when he touched a live wire.

He was rescued by well-wishers who rushed him to St Patrick Hospital where he succumbed to the injuries.

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The body was moved to the mortuary pending autopsy.

And the body of a woman who had been missing for five days was found decomposed in her house in Mathare, Nairobi.

The woman was last seen on April 30, police and locals said.

The body was discovered on Sunday May 5, covered with a blanket in her house.

Locals said the woman had a fight with her boyfriend who later escaped the scene.

The body had deep cuts on the chin and lay on the bed covered with a blanket.

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The neighbours had complained there was a foul smell, which was coming from the house, which had been locked with a padlock from outside.

This prompted them to break the door where they found the decomposed body lying.

The body was moved to the mortuary pending identification and autopsy.

The hunt for the suspect behind the murder is ongoing, police said.

Such cases of domestic fights that turn fatal have been on the rise amid calls on parties to address differences amicably..CONTINUE READING>>

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