A Tanzanian woman named Latifa Musa has recently revealed an unconventional path to wealth, recounting how poverty drove her to keep a snake as a pet, believing it would bring her riches. Her story has sparked varied reactions from Kenyans online....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

In an interview, Musa elaborated on how the snake, concealed in a dedicated room, has brought significant financial prosperity to her and her family.

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She recounted how, amidst financial difficulties, a friend introduced her to a specialist who supplied her with the snake along with precise instructions to adhere to. Musa asserted that by faithfully following these instructions and uttering specific phrases, she would attract financial assistance whenever required.

Musa clarified that the money she acquires through her unusual method isn’t intended for investments but rather for indulging in luxury items and providing for her family.

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Her narrative elicited a spectrum of reactions online, with some humorously linking her unconventional approach to wealth with the seemingly incessant rain. Meanwhile, others playfully inquired about where they could procure a similar solution..CONTINUE READING>>

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