A WOMAN who took in a stray kitten was left stunned when it grew into a terrifying creature. The adorable black kitten named Luna was taken into a loving home where she was fed and quickly grew into something much larger....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Luna’s owner took her in and gave her milk, food and love – and she quickly became friends with the owner’s pet dog, Venza.

But Luna was’t a normal kitten – she was actually a black panther, who was abandoned by her mum in a travelling zoo.

But the woman who adopted Luna said she had experience raising big cats, so decided to take onthe challenge even after realising the ball of fur was a ferocious predator.

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Luna’s mum explained: “Luna has been with me since the eighth day after her birth.

“She’s been through a lot of trials and still has somehealth problems, but in a few years all herhealth issues should disappear.”

Despite weighing in around 120 pounds and having a ferocious set ofteeth , Luna is quite loving and even cuddles up with her owner.

The big cat has been filmed prowling in a meadow and playing in thesnow of Siberia, where she lives. The big eyed feline even takes baths with her dog brother Venza – though she was filmed opening the door to escape the water.

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The unconventional pet has caught the attention of those online, who were shocked by how gentle the panther was.

One commented: “What a beautiful video. The owner and cat must bot have tremendous confidence.” Another said: “Love and kindness can turn any situation into a family bond!”

Another Russian family went viral after adopting an orphaned grizzly bear who grew into a 300 pound beast. He was found alone and in bad condition in a forest by hunters, so Svetlana and Yuriy decided to give him a home.

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Stepan the grizzly bear who loves to playchess and take selfies with his human friends after being adopted by a Russian family.

The bear is photographed with his owner playingchess , reading a book, on bears of course, and taking a selfie. Now 30 years old, Stepan lives with the Panteleenkos, who say he gets through 25kg of fish, vegetables and eggs every day and comfortable in human company..CONTINUE READING>>

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