Barnard has revealed how his wife kept appearing to him in their house at night, barely a month after she passed away. She would appear every day at around 9 pm, asking him where their children were and whether they were safe. He underwent a hard time, and after consulting a father, he advised him to vacate....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

He was born and raised. After graduating, he was employed by the government. After 2 years of working, he got into a relationship, and after dating, they tied the knots in the church. They were blessed with their firstborn child. He was later employed by an international company.

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He used to travel to different countries but would visit his family whenever he missed them. His wife delivered their second born 5 years later. A year later, he felt a lump on his wife’s breast. He took her to the hospital, and it was discovered she had stage 1 cancer. The doctors told him not to worry; she was going to get healed.

He took his wife to India; they came back in the country, and his wife got healed. A year later, the other breast developed the lump, which was discovered at stage four and had spread to his lungs. He sold properties to take him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he lost his job.

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Three years later, his wife died; he was heartbroken since he had a special bond with her. After the burial, his sisters took his two children to live with them. He was left in his house alone to continue mourning his wife. Barely a month after the burial, his wife would appear to him every day at 9 pm, asking where their children were.

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He was disturbed and called pastors to pray for him in the house, but nothing changed. A Catholic priest who was their neighbor advised him to write a letter to his wife telling how they met and where the children were and tell her to leave him.

He was told to read it loud at 9 pm when she appears. He was also told to vacate the house. She stopped appearing frequently like before..CONTINUE READING>>

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