Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) General Charles Kahariri on Saturday made a visit to the Mai Mahiu Disaster Recovery Center, where he reviewed the ongoing efforts by a coalition of agencies responding to recent devastating flash floods....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The floods caused numerous fatalities, displaced hundreds, and damaged critical infrastructure.

Upon arrival, General Kahariri was welcomed by Major General John Nkoimo, General Officer Commanding Border Security Command and Commander of the National Floods Coordination Centre, as well as Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika.

During his visit, General Kahariri was briefed on the progress of the ongoing search and recovery missions.

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He was informed that the floods have displaced over 300 residents, injured 112, and claimed 52 lives, with operations are still underway to locate those missing.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) joined the multi-agency response team this past Tuesday.

The team includes various government departments, the Nakuru County government, and other non-governmental entities, enhancing the collaborative search and recovery operations.

General Kahariri stated that the KDF’s involvement is consistent with its support role during national emergencies, aiming to protect Kenyan lives.

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He emphasized the importance of teamwork and coordination in addressing the needs of affected families and preventing further loss of life.

After being updated on the operations, General Kahariri visited the temporary accommodations for flood victims at Ngeya Girls Secondary School.He also inspected the ongoing efforts at the most impacted sites, including Georges and Magathi bridges, and observed the setup of a new rescue center designated for displaced families.

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Governor Kihika expressed gratitude for the KDF’s support, noting its vital role in enhancing the effectiveness of the ongoing recovery efforts, which have already led to the retrieval of additional victims from the debris.

The Mai Mahiu tragedy occurred on April 29, 2024 whereby a tunnel situated on the hilly area of old Kijabe Road in Kiambu County accumulated water due to blockage along the Meter Gauge Railway.

The increased water burst the soaked walls, sweeping households along River Tongi from Kamuchira village through Mai Mahiu..CONTINUE READING>>

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