Sleeping together is an intimate part of a relationship, and the way you and your partner sleep can be surprisingly meaningful. Let’s explore ten romantic sleeping positions that couples might want to try for a cozy night’s rest....CONTINUE READING

1. The Spoon

A classic where both partners face the same direction, with the little spoon on the inside and the bigger spoon on the outside. It’s a snug and comforting position.

2. The Cradle

Also known as “the nuzzle,” one person lies on their back, while the other rests their head against their partner’s chest. It’s a protective and affectionate stance.

3. Paper Dolls

Lying on your backs with fingers barely touching, resembling a row of paper dolls. A simple yet sweet way to stay connected during sleep.

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4. Tetherball

A secure and mature position where couples sleep comfortably, allowing each other their preferred sleeping posture while maintaining physical touch.

5. Heart-On-The-Sleeve

Also known as “Shingles,” one partner lies on their back, and the other places their head on the partner’s shoulder. It’s a tender pose that may not last long due to comfort.

6. The Tummy Nap

Both partners sleep on their stomachs, creating a sense of separation. It’s a unique position for those who enjoy a bit of personal space during sleep.

7. The Entwinement.

Couples are intertwined or tangled in this position. While it may not offer much breathing room, it symbolizes a close and connected relationship.

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8. The Starfish.

More common in one partner, the starfish position involves spreading out like a star. This partner usually occupies one side of the bed, giving their significant other space.

9. The Over-Body.

One partner lies flat on their back, while the other rests their torso on them. It’s a position that fosters closeness and comfort.

10. The Overhead.

Both partners sleep on their stomachs, but one partner’s head is usually placed over the other’s, creating a sense of protectiveness…CONTINUE READING>>

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