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businesswoman Zari Hassan has melted hearts with a touching interaction she shared with one of her sons.

Zari’s conversation with son Quincy

Quincy, the third-born son of Zari and Ivan Ssemwanga was celebrating his birthday and the mother couldn’t be happier about his growth.

In the video, Quincy, dressed casually in a black shirt and brown khaki trousers, is seen preparing to head out when Zari engages him in a light-hearted conversation about his plans for the day.

As Quincy explained that he was going out to dinner with friends, Zari, playfully asked if he was meeting any girls.

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Zari cautions son Quincy about dating boys

Despite Quincy’s insistence that it was just a gathering of friends, Zari expressed her support for him to go out with girls, emphasising that she wouldn’t mind if that were the case.

“I’d rather hear you say you’re going out with girls than ‘my friends’. You know, this generation is confused. We want to see you go out with girls. I don’t mind you going out with girls.

“I’m happy, go out with girls… it’s nice. I love it for you guys because the next thing I’m going to be shocked… someone’s going out with a boy,” Zari said.

The CEO offered Quincy some light-hearted advice on choosing a future partner.

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She encouraged him to explore relationships with girls, urging him to find someone as pretty, smart, and hardworking as herself.

“Go see many as you want. I’m happy about it, I’m fine with it. Go get yourself some girls. Make sure they’re pretty like me…They’re going to age like me, be beautiful like me, be smart like me, be hardworking like me,” she said.

Zari addresses rumours about son Raphael Junior being gay

In 2021, Zari found herself compelled to defend her son after his social media post led to misconceptions that he might be gay.

In a social media post, Raphael wrote, “…you may judge me, you may think it’s not who I am, but in my heart, I find men attractive and not women, but that’s just how it is.”

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However, Zari swiftly defended him, explaining that his remarks during an Instagram Live session were misunderstood. She clarified that Raphael is not gay but is actively dating. Zari revealed that Raphael began dating at 14, often asking for money to go out with his girlfriend.

While affirming her unconditional support for her son, Zari emphasised that her duty as a parent is to stand by him, regardless of his choices.

She reassured that if Raphael were to embrace his sexuality and identify as gay in the future, she would fully support him..CONTINUE READING>>

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