Rats can not only disrupt your garden, but they can also spread nasty diseases and it can be even worse if they make their way into your property....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Although the most common way to get rid of these pests is to use traps or poison, experts recommend giving the natural route a go first.

Rat poison is toxic and may pose a danger to wildlife, pets and humans. High levels of rat poison have been found in wildlife higher up the food chain.

Additionally, neither traps nor poisons are sustainable ways to deter rats from your garden.

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Both merely get rid of them. If you want a sustainable and natural way to deter rats, prevention is the best answer to deter rats naturally.

The experts at gardening retailer Primrose have shared two natural rat deterrents that can “do wonders”.

Rats have one of the best senses of smell compared to any other pest and animal, even trumping that of dogs.

The experts said: “When used in concentration, essential oils can do wonders in deterring rats from your garden due to their potency.”

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Peppermint oil, citronella and eucalyptus essential oils in their pure form are all “smells that rats will dislike”.

The pros noted that a few drops of these oils in their pure form around the areas you know the rats have been “should do the trick”. Alternatively, soak cotton wool in essential oil and place it in rat traffic areas.

Even more effective than those essential oils, the experts claimed that rats “can’t stand hot pepper or anything spicy” and this will deter these rodents for good.

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To make a “homemade natural rat repellent spray” out of the spice, start by mixing cayenne pepper or chilli flakes with water.

Heat the mixture vigorously to infuse the chilli, then allow to cool. The longer the solution is left, the more potent the chilli will be.

For those who have used chilli flakes, sieve them out. Add a little castile soap (which is biodegradable) and pour it into a spray bottle. Finnish by applying the spray liberally to areas where there is evidence of rats..CONTINUE READING>>

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