Dorcas has painfully narrated how her in-laws told her to be their elder brother’s wife since her husband had died. According to Dorcas, after completing her primary education, she was employed as a househelp where she met her husband....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Their married life was good. They were blessed with their firstborn child. Her husband used to complain of headaches every now and then. He used to go to the nearby hospital where he was being given painkillers. According to Dorcas, the pain would disappear and then reappear after a few weeks.

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One day, when Dorcas had gone for a burial in her home village, a neighbor called her and told her that they found her husband unconscious on the road. She requested them to take him to the hospital. Dorcas had to leave the burial to go check on her husband.

Upon arrival, she was directed to the intensive care unit to see her husband. He couldn’t talk. The doctor told her that her husband was suffering from meningitis.

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His health was deteriorating day by day. After four days, her husband died. They went back home and arranged for the burial. Three weeks after the burial of her husband, the in-laws went to her house and told her that her husband’s elder brother is ready to inherit her as his wife.

Dorcas didn’t agree with what her in-laws told her. They told her that she would not know peace until she agrees with what they had told him.

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One day, they stormed into her house at around 2 pm and started beating her mercilessly. The following day, Dorcas packed all her belongings and left the home. She now takes care of her kids alone.

She has requested people not to mistreat widows and orphans because God will always fight for them..CONTINUE READING>>

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