A middle-aged woman has disclosed that she intends to take her first son to an Orphanage home after her husband demanded a DNA test....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, the woman indicated that her husband started to suspect her after he saw conversations she had with some male friends on phone.

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The lady who wants to protect her marriage at all costs says she will fake a kidnap on the blind side of her husband so that she can take her son to the orphanage because a DNA test will reveal to her husband that she has not been faithful.

“I love my husband but I must confess that our first son is not his child. I will not go into details of why he is not his child. I don’t want him to go for the DNA test so I have to try everything possible to ensure it does not happen.

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I have planned to take him to an orphanage and fake it that he has been kidnapped and after days of chasing shadows, we will forget about him. If my husband finds out he is not his he will be angry and will leave me.

My husband leaving me for infidelity is one that will bing shame to me. Also, it will affect my children so I think this is the best decision to take,” she said..CONTINUE READING>>

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