Why I Say No To Possible Buyers?

Pretty actress, Princess Chidimma Agunobi fondly called Princess Salt, has recalled her encounter with l3sbians due to her hour glass shape.

In a recent interview with The Sun, the first child in a family of nine revealed that although she has been hearing of homosexuals in her industry, she is yet to have a personal encounter.

“I have had several encounters with lesbians, not within Nollywood but outside the industry. A lot have been said about the women in Nollywood but there are still good ones amongst us. I want you please to correct that impression; please not everyone is wayward in the industry.

Husband and boyfriend snatching news we hear everyday, forgetting that no responsible man can allow himself to be snatched from his family by a celebrity or whosoever. Except it’s another reason though. For me, I’m in a happy relationship. Respecting, loving and understanding my man is already enough for us. I wish to get married this year if it’s God’s will for me,” she noted.

The screen star also revealed that she has turned down a good number of suitors because they fell short of her expectations from a would be life partner.

“Yes, I have turned down marriage proposals from suitors because they had too much pride and it’s so distasteful. A God fearing, kind, intelligent, smart, and generous man turns me on. I don’t like men who walk with their shoulders high, exhibiting too much pride.”

Princess Salt added, “A lot is happening these days in our ritual killings and all sorts. That is why I would advice young girls to keep their heads up, be prayerful, careful, be diligent and consistent in their work. Hard work pays.

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