They say marriage is what you make it. It can either be fun, enlightening and sweet or it can be a living nightmare, one where escape is next to inevitable if one does not have the resources to start over away from their spouse....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

In many marriages, however, as encouraged by society, couples are expected to persevere and put up with each other to save face and keep the family together for the sake of the children.

Millions of people in marriages buy into this thought but many others are choosing to remain silent, bide their time and then walk away. In essence, whatever they used to complain about in their marriages no longer trigger them and they are making peace with the fact that they will no longer be on the same page with their spouses.

Women revealed what happened to them after stopping the complaints in their marriages following a short viral clip of Dr Walubita Siyanga, a Counseling Psychologist, speaking on how relationships become troubled when women stop complaining.

“Its one thing when a woman is complaining in a relationship, but you need to worry if she stops complaining altogether. Then there is trouble,” said Dr Siyanga.

Nairobi News sampled some revelations from women in regards to Dr Siyanga’s stance below:

“I stopped complaining. Nowadays I just say sorry even if its not my fault,” revealed M. M.

“I stopped complaining, I blocked him access to our son, including his family… I decided to enjoy life and distance myself,” added T. R.

“The day I stopped complaining, that relationship was over. And I’m glad because I’m in a better place now,” said a follower.

“When I stop means I’m seeing someone else n he is treating me well anything you do I will say it’s okay when I say it’s okay just forget abt me bro,” revealed B.R.

“When nagging ends, love ends- Yawa D. Galley,” commented Dosty.

“My exit is just around the corner. I’ve stopped complaining. I’m very quiet,” added M.Mw.

“I stopped complaining planning my exit, we not communicating. It helps with my emotional detachment,” revealed A.K.

“I stopped complaining but burning inside, not easy at all, but the only way to go,” said Ann.

The consensus in the comments was that women who stopped arguing began mapping out their lives as they planned to leave the relationships, many saying constant complaining had drained them emotionally and mentally.

“I stopped complaining & caring…he wants to make peace but I lost all the love I had for him….my love is for my children,” added A.G….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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