The Untold Relationship Between Wizkid & Davido

This article covers the untold relationship between Wizkid & Davido, the genesis and the revelation.

Wizkid and Davido are two different amazing personalities, each to his flaws according to the natural phenomenon, most times good vibe and no bad blood.

Therefore, thinking outside the box, social media has created and transformed make-believe into a glaring reality, leading to how the use of social media birthed a lot of faux assumptions in the ongoing feuds between Wizkid and Davido.

Also, prior to the internet exposure in the Nigerian music industry, it was all fun, even though inevitably there was a misunderstanding, which is normal that friends are bound to fight, still a natural occurrence.

Competition is very healthy in any sector of the world but yields when it is positive, in addition, competition breeds excellent growth and results as well.

However, Stans use social media to plant and nurture hate, which I think is a common trait, We’ve witnessed a lot of cases where stan have played a major role in establishing feuds and rivalry, just like how Nicki Minaj and Cardi B were categorically influenced by stans.

Stans are different from fans, they are mostly characterized by toxicity, stans are extraordinarily dedicated fans, it’s a general and universal phenomenon especially with digital advancement.

However, unlike the early times with no social media platforms, you cant separate toxicity with stans as they won’t stop going hard or treating their favourites like gods, its normal, they are ready to attack with any possible means, such as pressurizing, threatening, bullying or frightening whoever came for their own.

Stans are the cause of the lingering feuds, they are considered as a blessing and at the same time a curse, but whichever way boils to more coins for the artists directly or indirectly.

Wizkid and Davido are human beings like you, they go to social media platforms to search or sometimes randomly stumble through some posts that trigger their self-esteem and make them feel bad or emotionally uncomfortable.

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