The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID) is reaching out to concerned citizens across the nation, urging them to provide any relevant information regarding two viral videos depicting instances of torture believed to have taken place within Uganda....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

These distressing videos have circulated widely, prompting the police to seek assistance in identifying the individuals involved.

In one of the videos, a woman, visibly vulnerable, is seen wearing a blue blouse and black skirt/shorts. She is subjected to brutal torture, forcibly contorted into an awkward position, with her hands and legs bound while her body is burnt with hot melting droplets from a burning plastic jerrycan.

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In a separate video, two male workers are confined in a container and subjected to physical and mental torture, enduring beatings with a belt, kicks, and strikes.

Torture constitutes one of the most serious crimes that law enforcement authorities investigate. Consequently, the CID has initiated an inquiry into these disturbing incidents, urging the victims to step forward and assist detectives in unraveling the details surrounding these acts of torture.

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The police are committed to pursuing justice relentlessly until the alleged perpetrators are apprehended and brought to account for their actions.

Additionally, the police wish to remind the public, employers, and boda boda movements and associations of their shared responsibility to protect and show compassion towards one another. Treating fellow human beings in such a cruel and inhumane manner is unacceptable, especially in a society that upholds decency and morality.

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Anyone with information pertinent to these cases is encouraged to contact our operations toll-free lines at 0800199699..CONTINUE READING>>

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