Just like any country or state, Kenya has had criminals who broke the law and gave the police force a hard time. Ranging from murder, rape, robbery with violence cases, Kenya’s most popular thugs go into history as a real pain in the law and order fraternity....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

When the entry on the Most Wanted List is titled Public Enemy No. 1, then you know the police have a funky content creator for their website or the man are completely badass.Matheri begun his working life as a taxi driver in…you guessed right, Rongai.

Simon Matheri Ikere was born on December 30,1977 in Gachie village, Kiambu County, Simon Matheri Ikere began his formal education at Kihara Primary School at the age of 8. He was known as a calm, gentle, humble, smart and obedient boy. But outside of the school environment, he had the reputation of being a bully.

He was arrested and jailed for arson for five years at the one place where hardened criminals in KE are manufactured, Kamiti Prison.

He is probably the only violent robber in Kenya who once had a Wikipedia page(It has since been removed).

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Simon Matheri Ikere was wanted in connection with at least 18 murders, was killed by undercover detectives in a dawn raid outside a rented house after refusing to surrender, said police. Matheri had been on the run for more than a year.

Police had offered a $2 000 reward for his capture, after connecting him with the killing this month of African Aids researcher, Professor Job Bwayo, and the January 27 murders of US missionary Lois Anderson and her daughter, Zelda White.

All three were killed in hijackings on the outskirts of the Kenyan capital, shot when they hesitated in getting out of their vehicles, said police.

Police later killed two people suspected in the American women’s hijacking, and identified them as part of Matheri’s gang.

More than 100 police officers raided the home of Matheri’s estranged wife in Athi River, 25 km (15.5 miles) southeast of the capital, where he had taken refuge only to be betrayed by his mobile phone — which police tracked via satellite.

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Television footage showed Matheri, who had a bounty of 150,000 Kenya shillings ($2,161) on his head, lying dead clad only in blue shorts with an AK-47 assault rifle nearby. His wife and children were in the half-built house

According to a report made public by, investigators discovered 26 rounds of ammunition in the home that Matheri’s estranged wife Felister Wanjiru shared with their six children.

In a video obtained by the media, Matheri is shown dead on one side of his body and shackled behind his back. If, as the police said, Matheri had not handed himself in, then why were his hands handcuffed?

According to Jicho Pevu of the previous investigative team for Kenya Television Network (KTN), Matheri and his accomplice were brought into jail and interrogated for thirty minutes after complying with the order to surrender.

According to the authorities, Simon Matheri Ikere refused to turn himself in, so undercover agents killed him during a dawn raid outside a leased property. Ikere was wanted on suspicion of at least eighteen murders. Matheri disappeared more than a year ago.

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Ikere’s wife told journalists how her husband had stepped out of the house with his hands on his head and wearing nothing else but boxer shorts.

What followed was, surrounded by dozens of heavily armed policemen, Ikere was handcuffed with his hands behind him while police confirmed that it was really him and not somebody else.

He was then shot through the head at point blank range and fell on his side from the impact of the bullet that killed him instantly. It appears death came a little unexpectedly unlike in the case of many of his victims whom it is said Matheri would introduce himself to before shooting to death

His wife and children were in the half-built house. Police said an accomplice identified only as “M” was also shot dead. Matheri died like other infamous gangsters in Kenya’s recent history — killed by police who take no prisoners where heavily armed criminals are concerned..CONTINUE READING>>

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