Maize is a cereal grain that was developed 10,000 years ago by indigenous peoples in Mexico. Here are steps to follow if you want to get maximum productivity....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

1. Field selection

Chose medium altitude where there is loam soil. Soil should not retain water for a long time or dried up at a faster rate.

2. Land preparation

Till the land during sunny days so that all weeds could dry up. This will prevent competition for little available nutrients.

3. Drilling and sowing

Use the right spacing while making holes so that you will not get overcrowding or under crowding.

4. Selecting a right variety

Different varieties do well in different altitudes, soil type, rainfall intensity, and temperate.

5. Weed control

Weed your maize at the right time to avoid competition for nutrients. You make use of mechanical or chemical methods to get rid of weeds.

6. Crop nutrition

Apply top dressing at the right time to produce maximum returns. Use the right type of fertilizers that give maximum returns.

7. Pests and diseases control

Closely monitor your crops to check any signs of pests and diseases. Use the right pesticides to avert or get the right of them….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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