Dexcom, a leader in blood glucose monitoring, recently announced at CES 2024 the launch of the Dexcom Stelo, an innovative continuous glucose monitor (CGM) designed specifically for people with type 2 diabetes who do not use insulin. This category of patients represents approximately 70% of Americans with diabetes....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

The Dexcom Stelo, which is based on technology from the Dexcom G7 platform, is designed to record glucose data for 15 days, as opposed to the traditional 10 days, and does not include many of the alarm and alert features typical of devices for those who use of insulin, as well as requiring less activation time.

The Dexcom Stelo stands out with a few key features. Each sensor lasts for 15 days, and the device uses a custom app that differs from that of the G7, focusing less on alarms and more on providing useful information to improve your lifestyle.

The Dexcom Stelo payment model includes a direct payment option for patients without insurance coverage. While specific pricing has not been revealed, it is expected to be competitive with other systems on the market, such as Abbott’s Freestyle Libre systems.

The device aims to provide continuous blood sugar data to help users understand how diet, exercise, sleep, stress and other factors affect their overall health.

Dexcom plans to launch the Stem in the United States in the summer of 2024, after gaining approval from the FDA. The device was submitted to the FDA for review in late 2023.

The launch of the Dexcom Stem reflects a growing trend toward expanding access to diabetes technologies, such as CGMs and automated insulin delivery systems, to a wider audience.

This trend is highlighted by Medicare’s expansion of CGM coverage in 2023 for people with type 2 diabetes, followed by UnitedHealthCare, the largest private insurer in the United States.

The Dexcom Stem represents a significant step for Dexcom in its mission to help more individuals delay the progression of diabetes and even explore the potential to prevent its onset.

This device offers an important opportunity for people with type 2 diabetes who do not use insulin to improve their health management and quality of life.…READ THE FULL CONTENTS>>

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