✓ A lack of presence:...CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

When a partner is not spending enough time or attention with the woman, she may feel neglected or taken for granted.

✓ Feeling alone and unacknowledged:

When a partner does not listen to, support, or appreciate the woman, she may feel lonely or worthless.

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✓ Insecurity:

When a partner is jealous, controlling, or abusive, the woman may lose her sense of self-worth and safety.

✓ Lack of emotional or physical intimacy:

When a partner is distant, cold, or unaffectionate, the woman may feel unwanted or undesired.

✓ Lack of support:

When a partner is not there for the woman during difficult times, or does not share her goals and dreams, she may feel unsupported or unfulfilled.

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✓ Lack of growth:

When a partner is not willing to change, improve, or compromise, the woman may feel stagnant or frustrated..CONTINUE READING>>>

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