The man who was yesterday caught on camera assaulting a traffic police officer in Nairobi has been arrested....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

The police had announced a manhunt on the rogue matatu driver who landed on police officer on duty and assaulted him with kicks and blows. This incident took place along Kamiti Road at Mirema Junction in Kasarani on Sunday June 2.

The police claim that the man was flashed out of his girlfriend’s house hiding after committing the inhuman crime.

Kenya Police had announced an immediate manhunt against him for attacking un armed police officer manning a city road.

In the video clip that was shared widely on the internet, on Sunday, the young man putting on a red vest was been angrily raining kicks and blows on an helpless traffic cop who falls down, in surrender, but the civilian man continues to hit him in the face with hard and killer kicks.

Kenyans on social media who had been sharing the clip amongst themselves wondered why the man could go to that extend when there is law in existence.

This saw the police label the criminal as ‘armed and dangerous’….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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