A man in Embu stuns the courtroom after confronting a judge after jailing him for 25 years in prison....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to reports, the convicted man is alleged to have committed murder.

During the sentencing, the judge emphasized that the defendant had a previous criminal record and was currently serving a four-year sentence for a crime committed in 2019.

“The deceased died a very painful death after he was cut into pieces by the accused,” the judge said.

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She also noted that probation officers had reported the individual in question as being prone to violence and not a first-time offender.

The judge, taking into account the victim’s criminal record, imposed a 25-year sentence for the committed crime.

Upon hearing the sentence issued against him, the defendant got infuriated and started disrespecting the judge.

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“Hakuna kitu kama hio, hii ni ujinga unaniambia (There’s nothing like that, what you’re saying is foolishness),” the accused man said.

Earlier on, the judge had told the man that he was free to go to the Court of Appeal if he was not satisfied with the court’s verdict.

The man is said to have killed a four-year-old child by the name Brayden Mutwiri in cold blood before dumping the body in Thuci River, Embu County.

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The deceased body was recovered following an extensive search that began in late December 2020 when he disappeared.

The father of the deceased child Amon Mureithi who was present in court said that he was contented with the judgement passed despite the case going on for years.

” We have been looking for justice for a very long time and now I admit that justice delayed is not justice denied..CONTINUE READING>>

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