South African Singer – Dancer Zodwa Permit Her Fans To F*nger Her On Stage While She Perform [Video]

A popular South African dancer, Zodwa Wabantu, is seen dancing naked at an event in a video that has gone viral quickly.

Some ecstatic spectators were observed at one point removing her dress and molesting the dancer on stage.

But one man went too far, as he was seen putting his finger between Wabantu’s legs while the latter appeared unconcerned.

Gossipinfo news recall that A few moments ago, the 28-year-old musician known online as Portable Omolalomi (born Habeeb Okikiola) caused a rush of comments on social networking sites when he posted video of himself energetically closing down a night show in Accra, Ghana, with his on-stage performance.

The description for the video that was posted on his verified Instagram account read: “Show killer, unsettling Ghana.” The Ogun-born celebrity can be seen entertaining a sizable crowd in the video with his great songs and incredible dance moves.

However, social media has emerged as a venue for most A-list performers to amuse their followers by posting pictures of noteworthy moments during their performances.

As a result, Portable’s decision to share the thrilling moment he shut down Accra, Ghana has received a range of reactions from his fans. View the screen shots from the trending videos below.

As was to be expected, as soon as the post went live online, his admirers and social media followers who saw it flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts from various angles.


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