One thing that women and men have in common when it comes to love is the fear of their feelings being unreciprocated. For men, women seem to be almost impossible to understand the way their minds work is a mystery. With all of the complex emotions that people can have, it can be hard to know how a woman truly feels about you....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

A lot of people say that women fall in love faster than men do. But that’s not necessarily true, men and women just fall in love differently and experience and show it in different ways.

So how can you know whether or not her feelings for you are genuine? There are some subtle giveaways to pay attention to and here are a few signs that she truly does love.

1. She Wants To Know Everything About You

A woman who loves you will want to know everything about you. Even the smallest details that might not seem important to you, she’ll want to know.

After a while, this may get annoying since men, in general, aren’t too keen on sharing their feelings. But women often see sharing your hopes dreams fears details about your life as an indication that you care. She wants to know about your world because she wants to be a part of it. She wants to know even the little details to make you feel like she knows you and that she’ll stand by you.

2. Her Maternal Instincts Kick In

This is simply human nature at work.

Men are naturally protective of people they care about while women are naturally nurturing. It’s instinctual for both.

These instincts can be controlled and toned down. But all it means when she starts acting motherly toward you and genuinely making sure you’re well is that she loves you.

3. Encourages and Supports You in Reaching Your Dreams

When you love someone, you want them to be as happy and successful as they can be. So when your woman loves you, she’ll push you to reach your dreams and achieve your goals.

She wants you to be truly happy, and she will encourage you even when you’re unsure of yourself. She will always do her best to help and support you in your endeavors.

4. Stays With You in Your Darkest Times

During hard times, she works even harder to help you keep up your self-esteem. Loving you means knowing you and when she knows you she believes you’re a good person and believes in you and won’t abandon you at your worst.

Instead, she’ll help you get back on your feet and rediscover your worth. True love sticks through thick and thin.

5. Goes Out of Her Way to Make You Smile

She puts in that little bit of extra effort to let you know that she cares whether it’s showing up to the office for a surprise visit or texting you to see how you’re doing. She may even try to dazzle you with tickets to see your favorite band or prepare a meal for you after a long day.

Just a bunch of things to make you smile and show that she loves you.

6. Accepts You as You Are

A strong indicator that a woman truly loves you is if she accepts you the way you are both your strengths and weaknesses. She knows that you’re not perfect. No one is and she understands that you make mistakes.

Loving you means she can try and help you grow as a person while forgiving your imperfections.

7. Tries to Get Closer to Your Loved Ones

She always shows respect for the people you care about because she knows they’re important to you.

Being accepted by your loved ones is something she strives for. She’ll do her best to act accordingly around them and treasure their happiness as you do.

They mean a lot to you. So she’ll make sure they mean a lot to her as well….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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