Grammy-nominated singer, Seun Kuti, has disclosed that he did not receive any inheritance from his late father, Fela Anikulapo Kuti....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Kuti explained that he received nothing because of his late father’s philanthropy.

He recalled that as a pupil, his daily allowance was bigger than his teacher’s salary, but when his father died, he left him with no inheritance due to his (Fela Kuti’s) charitable nature.

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The singer claimed that his father was catering for about 1000 people in his Kalakuta commune before his death.

Kuti stated that all those in Kalakuta received daily allowance and weekly salaries.

He revealed this via a video message shared on his Instagram account.

According to him, “When Fela was the top musician in Nigeria, we were living with about 500 people in our house. All the money I was meant to inherit, Fela used it to cater for people.

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“Everyone in Kalakuta was receiving daily allowance and weekly salaries. Both Kalakuta and [African] shrine. Almost 1000 people. They were artisans… We had all the professions in Kalakuta.

“My pocket money in 1990, throughout my primary school was N100 per day. My pocket money a day was bigger than my teacher’s salary..CONTINUE READING>>

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