In Ethiopia, an extraordinary case has emerged, with reports of a woman who claims she hasn’t eaten or drunk anything for the past 16 years....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

This woman, known only by her first name, Alemitu, resides in a remote village situated in the Amhara region.

According to local media reports, Alemitu fell ill 16 years ago, and since then, she maintains that she has neither consumed any food nor liquids.

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Despite this astounding claim, she appears to be in good health and displays normal vital signs. Doctors who have examined her are reportedly perplexed by her assertions.

While there have been documented cases of individuals surviving for extended periods without food or water under extreme circumstances, such instances are typically associated with medically induced comas or situations involving exceptional medical intervention.

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Alemitu’s case, if proven true, would defy established medical science.

Given the extraordinary nature of her claim, skepticism naturally surrounds it. Some experts suggest that Alemitu may be inadvertently consuming small amounts of fluids or food, which go undetected. Others posit that psychological factors might be influencing her situation.

Medical professionals are keen to conduct a thorough examination of Alemitu, although it’s unclear whether she has consented to such an evaluation.

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This story has captured significant attention within Ethiopia and beyond. If Alemitu’s claims can be substantiated, it would mark a remarkable breakthrough in the field of medicine.

However, as of now, the case remains enigmatic, leaving scientists and the public eagerly awaiting further developments and verification..CONTINUE READING>>>

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