The Mangbetu tribe, whose name loosely connotes nobility, built several strong kingdoms throughout Central Africa in the 19th century. They later relocated to northeastern Congo, where they engaged in farming, fishing, hunting, and gathering....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The Mangbetu live in a region of dense rain forest and keep animals. They also hunt, fish, and gather. They are located close to the settlements of Poko, Isiro, and Rungu, between the Ituri and Uele Rivers. Before relocating, they are claimed to have originally hailed from the current Sudan.

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The Mangbetu were one of only a few indigenous groups in the Congo who paid death benefits until relatively recently. An individual was deemed to have passed away “in the hands of” his father’s family. Without regard to the circumstances of the death, this meant that the father’s group had to make up for it to the mother’s group.

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In the ethnic group, newborn babies’ heads were firmly wrapped in fabric after birth to give them an extended appearance.

Deformation typically begins a month after birth and continues for the following two years, or until the desired shape is achieved or the child rejects the device..CONTINUE READING>>>

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