It’s amazing to consider how bridge pillars are built underwater. I can assure you that the technology used to construct these structures will astound you....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Let me demonstrate. Worker fatalities, cost overruns, and contract revisions are just a few of the well-known risks related to bridge building.

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Engineers must therefore pay great attention to every aspect when creating bridges. There are three ways to construct bridges: battered piles, cofferdams, and caissons.

The texture of the soil, the environment in which it will be used, and the available technology will all affect which method will be most effective. I will simply briefly discuss the Cofferdams’ way of creating bridge pillars because it is the most typical.

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A cofferdam is built in the middle of the body of water itself to drain the water from a limited area. By building an impermeable structure inside the water, a dry working environment is produced.

Reaching the seabed, the concrete in the cofferdams forms a pillar-like structure that is incredibly sturdy and solid. Due to the ocean’s high tides, this method requires round-the-clock observation.

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The cofferdams may be removed at the conclusion of construction or left in place perpetually..CONTINUE READING>>

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