The Mugithi singer died on Monday, April 29, at the Kenyatta University Referral Hospital, while receiving treatment....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Kioi’s family and friends gathered at his home in Kambiti village in Murang’a County on Thursday, May 9, to pay their final respects.

Samidoh attended the burial, and he gave a hearty speech before tears started flowing and he left the podium. Mugithi singer Samidoh has left netizens touched after he wept at mugithi singer Kioi Junior’s burial.

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Samiodoh was given a microphone and walked to the podium, where he performed for the late mugithi singer. The two undoubtedly shared a loving bond as Samidoh stopped mid-speech to walk to Kioi’s casket.

He shed tears and laid on top of the casket until mourners helped him walk to huis seat where he cried some more.

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According to Muigai Gathumbi, Kioi was laid to rest in Kambiti in Murang’a County, on Thursday, May 9. A congregation of relatives and friends assembled at his residence to honour the late singer.

How did Kioi Junior die?

Kioi passed away on April 29 at Kenyatta University Referral Hospital, where he was undergoing treatment. Despite his upbringing in a religious environment, Kioi publicly identified as an atheist in 2020.

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He questioned the existence of God and Satan, attributing his atheism to critical thinking and scepticism. Despite his beliefs, he continued to perform songs about God for entertainment..CONTINUE READING>>

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