President William Ruto has concluded his five-day United States of American U.S.A tour today Friday and is set to be back to Kenya....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Thanking the U.S government for hosting him in a successful function including the official State dinner that was also attended by former president Barrack Obama, Ruto noted that the Biden family made him proud for the days he has been in the U.S.

“On my own behalf and that of my delegation, I thank President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Biden for your exceptional hospitality at the state dinner. Your warm welcome created a memorable evening and I truly appreciated. Thank you, Mr. President,” Ruto wrote in statement received on our news desk on Friday evening.

But reacting on the tour costs, Lawyer Miguna Miguna wondered how the promises made to William Ruto by Biden will come to be implemented when elections in the U.S are just a stone-throw away.

Dr. Miguna argued that, in case Biden is flowed in the next election, there is going to be an egg left in the face of President William Ruto.

“Will the USA government honour and deliver on the promises being made to William Ruto after Biden is defeated in the November 2024 presidential election? If not, would the high cost of the state visit be justified on the Kenyan taxpayers? These are 2 simple questions. Answer them. Stop yelling!” he posed.

Lawyer Miguna then urged Kenyan voters to plan how they will vote wisely in the next general election so that to replace the current group with the right one.

“Register as a voter and plan to vote in 2027. Transformers are going to make a FINAL STAND against institutional culture of impunity. No more excuses!”.

Ruto, on Monday May 20, flew out of the country to U.S.A with a huge number of delegation among them bloggers Dennis Itumbi and Pauline Njoroge.

On second day, on Tuesday May 21, Ruto met the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Mr. Johnson and engaged members of the Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, at the United States Capitol, Washington, D.C…CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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