In September 2015, President William Ruto made a visit to Madre Ippolata Children’s Home in Machakos County after receiving an invitation to help the institution ran by Catholic nuns raise funds to sustain its operations....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

The visit took an emotional turn when President Ruto had the story of a young baby who was rescued by the nuns after she was buried alive and abandoned.

Ruto was touched by a story of a girl called Nadia who was abandoned as a new born and has adopted her giving her the name of his mother, Cherono.

“The story of Nadia who was found buried, her body partly decomposing and abandoned as as newborn and has been nder the care of Sisters at Madre Ippolata Children’s Home touched my heart. I have named her Cherono, after my mother and made her part of my family,” he said on his Facebook post.

Nadia was born and buried somewhere in Machakos when she was only a day old.

She was not ready to die.

Even though she was buried and her body had started decomposing, Nadia’s destiny was just but beginning.

She was rescued and treated.

The kind people at Catholic sisters of Madre Ippolita children’s home in Machakos county took care of her.

Previously In a picture shared by former secretary digital Dennis Itumbi, the father and daughter hold hands while walking into State House, Kampala, for a meeting with Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni.

Nadia was dressed in a white dress with a small coat and black shoes while Mr Ruto looked sharp in a navy blue suit.

Mr Ruto was also accompanied by his wife Rachel.

She became William Ruto’s youngest daughter after Ruto and his wife chose to adopt her as one of their own after being deeply moved by the tale. Since she was adopted, Nadia has undergone significant growth and change.

She has also bonded with and integrated well with Ruto’s family. For individuals who have been rejected and abandoned by their relatives, the kid is a sign of hope. If you look at any of the images of her below, you will not know where she is from.

In the four-minute clip, Nadia, who Ruto named after his mother, is seen playing around and chatting with Ruto, who is patiently waiting for his wife and his other children to get ready for the trip to Moi International Sports Center, Kasarani, the inauguration ceremony’s venue….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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