An ailing warlord pal of Vladimir Putin appeared to be in a bad state when he turned up at the Russian dictator’s inauguration in Moscow today (May 7)....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The bloated Chechen maniac Ramzan Kadyrov, 47, struggled to walk up the steps into the Kremlin for the ceremony, and then had difficulty getting his coat off.

The dad-of-15 needed help from his ally Adam Delimkhanov, 54, a Russian MP, and an aide to sort himself out.It was the first public sighting of Putin lackey Kadyrov in Moscow since reports emerged last month that he was terminally ill, suffering from “pancreatic necrosis”.

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He had recently been shown waffling slowly and incoherently, while a staged gym session was broadcast in a laughable bid to show he was healthy.

It’s all led to concerns within Putin’s circle over what will happen in the region of Chechnya when the evil Kadyrov dies.

As newspaper Novaya Gazeta Europe put it, Putin “must now decide operationally how to maintain stability when the tough Chechen dictator is no more”.

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The newspaper disclosed that last year Kadyrov was in hospital at the Kremlin Clinic in Moscow with acute pulmonary failure after overdosing on sleeping pills.

Doctors stabilised him but tests indicated he would not make a full recovery.

Not that his health struggles seem to be stopping the brutal Chechen leader from urging his mate to continue wreaking destruction and misery, though.

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During today’s Moscow visit, he called on Putin to seize the Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv and Odesa and then dictate surrender terms to Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky.

Kadyrov has sent tens of thousands of troops to back Putin’s disastrous war in Ukraine and is one of his most loyal supporters.

He is notorious for human rights abuses, torture and extra-judicial killings, both at home and abroad..CONTINUE READING>>

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