President William Ruto on Friday announced plans to elevate Bungoma into a city....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

The Head of State while speaking at a rally in Sirisia, Bungoma County, revealed that the government had already set up a comprehensive plan for a city in the populous county.

According to Ruto, the government had also allocated adequate funds to develop more facilities in Bungoma Town after which it would be conferred city status.

Ruto who affirmed his promise stated the transformation of Bungoma into a city would be achieved through working together with the County Government.

“For the town in Bungoma, I am planning to come up with a comprehensive plan for a city and set it up to a level similar to that of Nairobi City,” Ruto announced.

“The city will be located near the airport where we will set up a big town. We want to build a city here so we can elevate Bungoma County to another new level,” President Ruto revealed.

While making the announcement, Ruto also promised to rehabilitate the Matulo Airport by extending its runway and constructing new termini.

According to the president, a modern airport would be a game changer for Bungoma and traders within the devolved unit who were initially forced to travel to Eldoret to access air transport.

“I also want to promise you that I will ensure you access electricity, I have been informed there are many places that have been hit by darkness, and you know the devil loves darkness,” the president commented.

“So we have allocated Ksh2 billion in this financial year for Bungoma County to ensure over 20,000 households access electricity.”

The Head of State also announced the allocation of Ksh350 million for the construction of a modern-storey market in Chwele Town.

“We want you to cooperate with me so you can allow me to construct a road here and even in other parts of the country. And we have allocated enough funds in this financial year for the construction of roads….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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