Beth, revealed that her husband failed to sleep with her during their honeymoon due to medical issues. When she shared with their best man, he slept with her, which became a habit....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

She met her husband at a church she was attending. They became friends for a few months and later decided to tie the knot. According to her, they stayed faithful and didn’t want to sleep together before their wedding day.

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She was eagerly waiting for the day to end to have her husband, but according to her, her husband didn’t show interest in sleeping with her. She assumed that he was happy and waited for the next day, but he slept soundly without touching her.

When she tried to touch him, he didn’t respond. On the third day, she asked him what was wrong with him, but he didn’t reply. After going back home, she shared with their best man who went into their house and asked her to sleep with him to confirm whether she was a virgin.

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After one week, he returned and slept with her but warned her not to disclose it to anyone. The best man took Beth’s husband to a herbal clinic where he was given medicine, and his organs started functioning.

They started sleeping together and sired 3 kids together. When she conceived her 4th child, her husband left her on the claims that he only wanted to raise 3 kids. She is pleading with well-wishers to offer her a job to be able to raise her kids..CONTINUE READING>>

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