The Opposition’s Role Is To Keep The Ruling Party On Its Toes – Kenneth Okonkwo

A Nigerian actor, lawyer, and politician named Kenneth Okonkwo was given an interview in which he talked about the opposition’s responsibilities. He vented his frustrations and disapproval to a Labour Party lawmaker in the House of Representatives…CONTINUE READING>> ...CONTINUE READING

He said that during his initial encounter with President Bola Tinubu, a House of Representatives member from the Labour Party was more outspoken than his APC counterparts in applauding Tinubu.

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In addition, Kenneth Okonkwo stated in an interview with AIT, “The duty of the opposition is to keep the ruling party on its toes and not to be applauding them every time they do something right.”

After a guy thinks he has accomplished everything, he should go to sleep because, as he puts it, “nature dictates that you can’t stand still once you stop growing; you will start going down.”

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A man should always strive to improve himself. Allow me to illustrate: At the time that Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey, Republican Governor Chris Christie was in office, and President Obama travelled to the state to meet with him. Obama accomplished a great deal for them, and he was effusive in his support of Obama. However, this caused an internal party split from which Obama has yet to fully recover.

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Therefore, it is the responsibility of the opposition to challenge the incumbent party. While meeting with the president for the first time, a member of the Labour Party who is a member of the House of Representatives stood up and spoke more effusively about the president’s actions than anyone from the APC. You might be asking, “Does this man even know what he is there for?”…CONTINUE READING>>

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