A gorgeous lady has shared her relationship journey and how she met the love of her life. Nakuru woman Winny Ndung’u said she met her hubby Ndung’u Kariuki Kahato, through her friend. How 41-year-old woman found love Winny Ndung’u, married to Ndung’u Kariuki Kahato, said she met her husband through a family member....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Winny met her 92-year-old lover through Kariuki’s daughter, who was her friend before she knew about the hubby. , 41-year-old Winny said she met Kariuki in 2014, seven years after his first wife had died. I was left inside, Winny “There was a party, and his daughter had told me the previous night that his father would visit.

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She said that she wanted me to meet him. Morning came, and his daughter kept herself busy. She called me and asked me to give her father some tea, which I did. When I started cleaning the dishes, Ndung’u told his daughter he wanted to leave.

The daughter followed him outside, and I was left inside,” Winny explained. Having lunch with potential daughter-in-law When she remained in the house, Winny thought she should talk to Kariuki since she was unmarried. “One day, I was having lunch with Kariuki’s daughter when Kariuki called and asked her about me, like where I was, and she said she was with me.

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She said her father wanted to see me and I went back with her in the evening, to her home and we met Kariuki. He took my hand, and when he did that, I looked at him.

He said he was looking for someone to marry and asked whether I would accept to marry him and live with him. I almost cried when he told me I felt pity for him. I wondered why he had said that,” she said..CONTINUE READING>>

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