A showdown looms in Parliament today as the impeachment trial of embattled Agriculture Cabinet Sectary Mithika Linturi begins....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

And already, Bumula MP Jack Wamboka, the sponsor of the motion being considered by a 10-member committee of the National Assembly, has alleged his life is in danger.

As the committee chaired by Marsabit Woman Rep Naomi Waqo gets down to consider the case against the CS, they are also expected to pronounce themselves of the issue of the MP’s security and preliminary objections raised by the CS’s lawyers.

During the pre-trial hearing on Tuesday, Mr Wamboka said he had been forced to enhance his security.

“I have been followed by unmarked cars and unknown people; it is not easy but I will soldier on for the integrity of the Republic of Kenya,” Mr Wamboka said, adding that the National Assembly should come up with ways of protecting members who come up with such motions.

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The committee is racing against time to table its report on Monday next week during the special sitting convened by Speaker Moses Wetang’ula.

The hearings will run for three consecutive days until Friday when the committee will retreat to write its report.

Mr Wamboka, who is represented by Senior Counsel John Khaminwa, will be expected to prove his case against Mr Linturi. He will be relying on eight witnesses — six farmers and two experts.

“We are ready to prosecute the case on why Mr Linturi should be impeached. We will rely heavily on documents signed by Agriculture Principal Secretary Paul Rono and we request this committee to summon him to appear before it,” said Mr Wamboka.

He also wants the committee to summon the chief operating officer of KEL chemicals to testify.

Mr Linturi is represented by lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu, who told the committee that they are ready to prove that the motion is defective. He added that they will be relying on a 386-page affidavit sworn by the CS.

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He raised some preliminary objections to the motion, questioning whether it should be admissible before the committee.

He also objected to the witnesses lined up by Mr Wamboka, saying their submissions should have been part of the evidence of the motion.

Going by the myriad of issues raised by both parties, the committee said it will make a decision on whether to allow Mr Wamboka to call PS Rono as a witness or not. It will also make a determination on whether the motion is properly before it.

Ms Waqo assured both parties of a fair trial. “We are here to serve you and we will fully be guided by the facts put before us,” said Ms Waqo. Mr Linturi is facing three charges: gross misconduct, gross violation of the constitution and committing a crime.

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If the committee finds the allegations are unsubstantiated, the matter will not proceed but if it finds the allegations substantiated, then the House will either adopt or reject the report. If adopted, the decision of the House shall be presented to the President who shall then dismiss the CS.

As the pre-trial took place, the CS received support from a section of Meru leaders who blamed the woes facing the CS on the UDA party.

They said the party had abandoned Mr Linturi at his hour of need. They appealed to President William Ruto to come to the aid of the CS.

Speaking in Maua town, Meru Deputy Governor Isaac Mutuma, County Assembly Speaker Ayub Bundi and MCAs said that action should be taken against those who supplied fake fertiliser.

“The Cabinet Secretary is a policy maker and was not directly involved in manufacture and distribution of the fertiliser,” Mr Bundi said..CONTINUE READING>>

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