Joyce has painfully narrated how her biological father started to abuse her when she was in class seven by touching her body parts and then later slept with her and she gave birth to a baby....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

According to Joyce is that this continued untill she did her class eight but she never opened to her mother since the dad was giving her threat’s that made her to fear to tell anyone.

She says that after class eight she passed well because she really loved to study,her dad took the advantage of that and he asked her to sleep with him if she want him to pay school fees for her secondary school.

Joyce says that since she wanted to study and she knew even of her dad wouldn’t pay her school fees her mother wouldn’t bother she accepted and within no time she got pregnant and dropped out of school.

All this time she has not opened up to anyone and when her mother asked her who the father of the baby was she never told her,after she gave birth, she told her father that she wanted to go back to school but she was given a condition to give him another baby but she refused.

Joyce decided to go and report him to the chief office and that when her father was arrested,she says that after her mother was called to the office she was shocked to hear the news and she fainted.

During the court hearing her father tried to denie that he was not the father but after the DNA the results were 99.99percent that he is the father and she was jailed for 17years, according to her she wanted her father to jailed for life became she promised her once he is out of jail he will kill her.

Joyce says that she is not in good terms with her mother because she accuses her of having an affair with her husband,she has pleaded with her mother to forgive her because she needs her so much because even after the counselling she is still traumatized especially when she sees the child….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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