A husband, Abdulmumini Otan, on Wednesday approached the Area Court at Centre-Igboro in Ilorin, Kwara State, seeking to divorce his wife after 36 years of marriage....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Otan informed the court that he was no longer interested in the marriage and wanted a divorce.

The wife, Zainab Abdulmumini, however, prayed the court to give them time to resolve their differences. She said there was an issue that occurred between them and she had been begging the applicant and his family to forgive her, but they refused.

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The woman begged the court not to dissolve the marriage, but give them time to resolve the issues.

The presiding Judge, Hammad Ajumonbi, gave the couple time to resolve their differences.

He said that there should be room for reconciliation when any of the parties in a marriage showed interest in the relationship.

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Ajumonbi, therefore, advised the woman to persuade the husband to forgive her and continue with the marriage.

The judge adjourned the case till March 25, for report of settlement..CONTINUE READING>>>

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