Annita (not her real name)revealed that she feels attracted to women ever since she was young. The cause of this attraction was ignited by how her dad used to mistreat her mother....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

She grew up not having fatherly love but her mother showered her with love. She hated men such that when she was young, she used to play with girls and never wanted anything to do with boys.

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According to her, she doesn’t have a brother also. When she was 12 she started having feelings for girls and during her high school years, she dated girls.

After college, she started attending church and after some time the pastor’s son approached her and after one year of dating he proposed.

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They tied the knot in the church and were blessed with 3 kids. All this time she had changed but when she realized her husband was having extramarital affairs she lost her feelings towards him.

She got attracted to her new household which she claims was so cute and had an hourglass shape. They started sleeping together and ended up renting her a house where she visits her daily to sleep with her

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According to her, for her to be able to sleep with her husband, she has to put the picture of the lady in her mind. She blames men for disappointing her to the extent of being a lesbian..CONTINUE READING>>>

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