Having a stingy partner can be tiring especially after talking over the issue over with the spouse without noticeable changes. Stinginess can affect the union in several ways...CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

In her view on the issue, a young mother of three, Mrs Janet , said that once a woman has a source of income, it would be easy to spend money on herself.

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She said, “Some men are stingy. But if a woman has her own business or job, she should not bother to ask her husband for money for everything once she notices he’s stingy. If the lady has a job, she can pay her bills and take care of herself without his help.

If the woman does not have anything to do to earn money, there will always be problems in the house because she will always want to ask her husband for money and he might respond harshly.”

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Despite challenges of stingy men, a woman by name Diana Dee has advised women to date men who are stingy during dating because they makee best husbands.Here is quote

“Mwanaume stingy atakulea vizuri,” a lady called Diana Dee says, urges women to embrace stingy men for marriage.

“Hawa wanaume wa kutoboka ujue hakutobokeangi peke yake. Najua hakuna mwanamke hutaka mwanaume mstingy kwa maisha yake, lakini wale wa kutoboka wengi wanacheat. Familia za wanaume stingy huwa zimesimama,” she claimed..CONTINUE READING>>

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