Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has banned beach activities on the coastline amid fears that Cyclone Hidaya could make landfall anytime from now....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The CS directed security agencies to effect the directive and esnsure beach activities such as fishing, swimming and non-essential transport within Kenya’s territorial waters are halted immediately.

“The County Security and Intelligence Committees (CSICs) of Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi and Lamu Counties in collaboration with the Kenya Coast Guard Service(KCGS) are directed to immediately issue notices and to strictly enforce a ban on beach activities,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

He further ordered the evacuation of settlements deemed too close to the shoreline effective Saturday, May 4, at 5pm.

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Kindiki said the shoreline should remain out of bounds until midnight, Monday, May 6, when Cyclone Hidaya is expected to expire.

“As a precautionary measure, activities within Kenya’s territorial waters, along the beaches and within settlements adjacent to the shoreline will have to be disrupted for public safety reasons,” he said.

Kindiki cautioned residents living around the beaches of Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi and Lamu counties against engaging in fishing, swimming or leisure activities.

He said this is due to information that points to the possibility of risk to life and property within the areas.

The CS said scientific tracking of Cyclone Hidaya has established that the Cyclone has now acquired full status with the capability of remaining so until it hits Kenya’s Coast any time from now.

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He said the cyclone could generate massive precipitation with strong winds and powerful waves capable of significantly disrupting normal activities within Kenya’s territorial waters in the Indian Ocean as well as human settlements along the Kenyan Coast.

Earlier, the Kenya Meteorological Department said Tropical Cyclone Hidaya had made landfall on the Tanzanian coast.

Following the development, Kenya Met said it was monitoring the situation.

“Current observations indicate that Tropical Cyclone Hidaya has made landfall on the coast of Tanzania. However, there is another depression developing behind it, which the Department is monitoring closely,” Kenya Met said.

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Residents have been asked to stay informed by regularly checking the latest weather forecasts and updates from the Kenya Meteorological Department.

“Seek guidance from experts in relevant fields to mitigate potential impacts. Stay safe and prepared!” Kenya Met said.

Heavy rainfall is expected offshore along the Kenyan coast from Sunday, May 5, intensifying on Monday, May 6, to Tuesday, May 7, 2024, forecast shows.

The effects of the cyclone are already being felt offshore, with strong winds exceeding 40 knots (20.6 m/s) and large waves surpassing two meters..CONTINUE READING>>

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