The Kenyan Government has announced that nine more people were killed by floods bringing the total deaths to 188 since the heavy rains started....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The Ministry of Interior, in a statement released on Thursday morning, said 125 individuals have been reported injured, with 90 people currently missing.

A total of 33,100 households have so far been displaced affecting approximately 165,500 people while 196,296 people have been impacted by the heavy rains.

In response to the crisis, the Interior Ministry states that the government has mobilised emergency response teams and deployed resources to the affected areas.

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In Narok County, collaboration between emergency teams, security forces, and the Red Cross has led to the successful evacuation of 90 individuals stranded by flooding in the Masai Mara where 19 lodges were flooded after River Talek overflowed.

“There have been no fatalities reported and a tracing desk has been set up at the Masai Mara Sekenani Gate,” says the Ministry.

The efforts have resulted in the retrieval of 52 bodies, noting that 51 people are still missing following the mudslide tragedy.

However, the Mai Mahiu-Narok Road has since been cleared for traffic movement.
NYS deployment

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To boost the ongoing rescue operations, Kindiki has revealed that 400 National Youth Service (NYS) personnel have been deployed to Narok County.

A nationwide assessment of dams has since been conducted, identifying 192 dams as high-risk

The dams are located in Central (60), Eastern (39), Rift Valley (29), Coast (22), Western (21), Nairobi (12), North Eastern (5), and Nyanza (4)

However, the Interior Ministry confirmed that the inspection teams have been dispatched to ascertain the dams’ integrity.

As the search and rescue efforts continue, the Ministry has noted that there is an urgent need for food, medical supplies, and non-food items in affected counties such as Nairobi, Kirinyaga, Homabay, and Tana River.

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In addition, favourable weather forecasted in the North Eastern (Isiolo, Wajir, Mandera, Garissa) and South Eastern (Taita Taveta, Kitui, Tana River) regions according to the Ministry of Interior sets the stage for post-flood recovery initiatives in public works and reconstruction of schools.

Also, the repairs to water treatment systems, road repairs, and improvements to the accessibility of social and economic facilities are part of the post-flood recovery initiatives..CONTINUE READING>>

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