Kenyan netizens found themselves in fits of laughter witnessing a rather unconventional use of a TukTuk The TukTuk was being utilised as a makeshift moving van, transporting an assortment of household items A video captured the comical scene of a TukTuk loaded with various household goods, including an office chair, a compact refrigerator...CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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A recent TikTok video has sparked widespread amusement among internet users in Kenya, featuring an unexpected use of a TukTuk in the realm of household moving.

The viral video, shared by user @tonbouyke, captures the hilarity of a TukTuk transformed into a makeshift moving vehicle, loaded with an array of household items.

Among the cargo precariously balanced within the three-wheeled vehicle are an office chair, a compact fridge, a bed, and several couches, among other miscellaneous items.

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As the TukTuk slowly navigates a turn onto the main road, its unconventional load draws the attention of bystanders, eliciting laughter and incredulous stares.

The scene, although unconventional, highlights the resourcefulness and creativity of individuals in finding innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

The video has quickly gained traction on social media platforms, with users expressing admiration for the ingenuity displayed in repurposing the humble TukTuk for moving purposes..CONTINUE READING>>

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