German football star Thomas Müller has launched a scathing attack on referee Szymon Marciniak’s decision-making during the Champions League semifinal match against Real Madrid....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

In a post-match interview with RMC, Müller expressed his disbelief at the referee’s swift whistle, which he believes was unjustified.

“Marciniak? He did not watch the video. He did not give himself the opportunity to look at it,” Müller said, questioning the referee’s haste in making crucial decisions. “It’s really strange, in such a situation, to whistle so fast. This often happens here in Madrid.”

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Müller drew parallels with a similar experience from a few years ago, when Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals against his team. However, he noted that this was before the introduction of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology.

“I experienced this a few years ago, with two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo. But it was before the VAR”, told RMC. Muller said.

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The Bayern Munich forward’s comments have sparked a heated debate about refereeing standards and the use of technology in football. While some agree with Müller’s assessment, others argue that the referee made the correct decisions based on his real-time assessment of the situations.

As the football community continues to discuss this contentious issue, one thing is clear: the stakes are high, and every decision counts in the pursuit of Champions League glory.

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Müller’s strong attack on the referee’s judgment has added fuel to the fire, and only time will tell if his words will have a significant impact on the competition..CONTINUE READING>>

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