A lady by the name of Hilda from has painfully narrated how her husband left her with three kids and went to stay with his sugar mummy. She slept with her husband’s friend to get money to feed her kids....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Hilda says that she got married at a tender age because her parents didn’t have money to pay her school fees. She says that when she got married to her husband, he was very hard-working and provided for the family.

After she got pregnant with her third-born child, that’s when her husband started mistreating her. She says that he couldn’t provide food, and she was forced to go and work in people’s homes to get money to buy food for her kids.

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She claims that things got worse when someone employed him to be working on a motorbike. She says that he could go days without coming back home, and when he comes back, he was always violent.

On this fateful day, he woke up and went to work as usual, but he never came back. Days went by, months, a year, and that was when her husband’s friend started sleeping with her to give her money to feed her kids.

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When the in-laws chased her away and told her that their son has already married another woman and so she has no place in their compound, she says that the friend of her husband was the one who told her that her husband was living in his sugar mummy’s house and by the look of things, he will never come back.

When she was chased away from her house, she went to her sister’s place who rented a single room for her where she is staying now with her 3 kids. She says that life is very difficult for her since she doesn’t have a job, and her kids need school fees and food to eat.

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She has pleaded with well-wishers to help her pay school fees for two of her kids who are in class eight and to clear the debt she has of 10k in school.

She says that she has already forgiven the in-laws for chasing her away, but she says that what they did was wrong because they chased their blood. She says as for her husband, she would like to know why he left her because she had not wronged him in any way..CONTINUE READING>>

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