A woman has been left feeling ‘sick and depressed’ after catching her husband cheating on her with her own mother. She claims to have walked in on her mum and husband  in bed together – and is now struggling to come to terms with what she witnessed....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

It left her “stuck in bed” the entire next day replaying the image of them together in her mind. She said on Reddit: “I don’t have anyone to talk to. My mother is my best friend, she’s the one I would be opening up to about this.

“I can’t leave my husband. Or, rather, I don’t want to. I love him. We have children together, he’s a great father, and I know he didn’t want this to happen. He was drunk, she is manipulative.” While she loves her mum, she says she has always been “kind of a horrible person” and believes she is “borderline narcissistic”.

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She added: “Over the years, and after having my children, we’ve grown really close. I don’t have many friends, so my mother was my one constant, other than my husband.

I woke up and found that my husband still hadn’t come to bed after we had a party one evening, it was super late, and I went looking for him and stumbled across a scene that keeps playing over and over again in my head.

At a loss with what to do, she says she can’t talk to her siblings about it and doesn’t have any friends to confide in. “I can’t talk to my husband about how badly it hurt me that my mother did this, and I can’t talk to my mother about how bad it hurt that my husband did this,” she said.

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“This happened on December 23. I was stuck in bed the entire next day, sick and depressed, on Christmas Eve. Then had to wake up on Christmas, with the kids, and have my siblings and mother there and had to pretend that everything was fine.

“Also, my husband and I have been trying for another baby, so on Christmas Eve, I had to take a damn pregnancy test less than 12 hours since I witnessed him cheating on me.” She says she has been taking sleeping pills to help her get some rest on a night because otherwise, she lies awake thinking about what she saw.

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She added: “My husband is being supportive. He’s apologetic. He’s doing everything he should be. I’m just… having a hard time coping.

Having a hard time not being able to talk to anyone close to me about what happened.” Commenting on her post, one user said: “Your mum is not your friend. I am so sorry that your support system is such a shaky reed.”

Another user added: “Why can’t you talk to your husband about how you feel about the situation? Keeping it bottled up won’t help anything.

Also, ghost your mum.”A third user said: “I’d say cut all ties with your mum – she’s not your friend if she would do something like that..CONTINUE READING>>

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