Following an unforeseen meltdown on social networking sites, internet users are worried about the psychological condition of Kimani Mbugua, who was once known for his work in television....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Mbugua, who received a diagnosis of bipolar illness in 2020, was shown in a video that lasted for two minutes and was uploaded to his social network profiles. In the video, he yelled vehemently and demanded the payment of the delinquent amounts.

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In an effort to retrieve his money, the former journalist for Citizen TV vowed to resort to physical aggression and coercion.

“You had better deliver the money to me right away if you owe me cash, considering I have weapons to safeguard my money.”

The caption that Mbugua included with the video said, “Mimi nitakusafirisha mbinguni wacha vitisho baridi.”

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People on the internet expressed their worries and emotions about the video, and they were in consensus that the previous correspondent required immediate assistance.

“Some rich celebs out there are waiting for this lad, Kimani Mbugua, to commit suicide, so they would donate one million for a casket and take him to an expensive mortuary.”

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“Why can’t they do something now when he’s depressed?” Magwa said on X.

“Kimani Mbugua was once a bright star on Citizen TV, but depression took him away. Ojanga stated on social media, “It appears he requires immediate assistance; Kimani appears to be losing his mind once more..CONTINUE READING>>

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