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Whether you snore like a tractor or sleep like a starfish – we’re all guilty of bad habits when it comes to snoozing. But one ’28-year-old’ claimed his relationship was in shambles after he did something ‘terrible’ while unconscious.

The awkward situation all started three days ago when the anonymous Redditor reportedly hugged his girlfriend from behind as they both dozed off. When dead asleep, he then recalled falling into a pretty awful nightmare in which he was ‘strapped down’ and couldn’t move, while being attacked.

Naturally, his dream self was determined to break free, pushing with ‘all his might’ to get away from the frightening situation. But, little did he know, these actions had real-life consequences.

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“I tried pushing and, in real life, pushed [my girlfriend] in the back of the head,” he wrote in an anonymous post. “I didn’t realise what I had done at first and tried to just hold her again but she got really mad and asked why I did that, I was still half asleep and still didn’t realise, and said ‘What are you talking about? Go back to bed.”

Despite his confusion, it’s said the angered girlfriend then got up and headed to the couch for the rest of the night. The man continued: “I’ve been apologising and trying to get her back in bed but she won’t, she said if I keep bothering her she’ll leave. I feel absolutely terrible and want to fix it, I hate that we’re arguing from something I did in my sleep. Any advice?”

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The man’s nightmarish confession has since racked up countless comments on social media, with many users completely gobsmacked by the situation, while some even claimed they had committed similar ‘sleep crimes’.

“I don’t know why I laughed,” one person wrote. “I hit my boyfriend directly in face. He told me it felt like I put my arm willingly in air and then let it fall directly to his face.

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He was a bit grumpy and when he told me I couldn’t help but laugh. This is payback for all that snoring!”

Another added: “Yes you were asleep and have no control over what you did, but it doesn’t stop her from being hurt or scared of you. Personally, I would offer to sleep on the couch myself so she can have a comfortable sleep without the fear you’ll do it again.”

Later however, the boyfriend posted an update, claiming that it had all been resolved over the days that followed. He said: “Eventually she came back to the bed and we talked about it and we are good now..CONTINUE READING>>

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