A Classic 105 caller left Maina Kageni in shock after admitting to having dated a 72-year-old man....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

*Suzzie was at the time aged 29. She added that four years later she is yet to meet a man like her ‘ex’.

“I dated a 72 year old at 29. I have never met another guy like him.

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He would come to my house and request I cook.

I would be given ‘Nyundo ya Komeo’ to the maximum. He was West African , he ended up being deported .

Would you still be together if he was still around asked Maina Kageni.

Suzzie responded in the affirmative adding

“If he was still in Kenya we would still be together. But I plan to go and meet him in Uganda.

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I am now 33 and I have tried finding a man who meets his standards but I haven’t.

The way they treat you no guy my age can treat me that way. It’s not about money..CONTINUE READING>>

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